Save water or Trade Water in future

Save water – The Liquid Gold of our Planet

Water is the most important asset required to manage all life on the planet earth. It is so important that UAE is towing Iceberg from the southern end of the world, Antarctica to quench its population’s thrust. Save water or Trade Water in Future

Many Analysts have already predicted that the Third World war would be for Water.

Despite the fact that it has been battled about, sold, redirected, dammed, guaranteed by governments and administered by experts. Stock Market has not been able to get its hands on it as a tradable commodity like in case of Oil.

Clean drinking water is relied upon to end up as the more human race grows. Many environmental changes are already visible due to humans.

So the question is, Will this most valuable product turned into a trading asset that will be dealt for, and exchanged on a futures and options market,  much like oil, corn or gold?

Bitcoin BoomThe recent Bitcoin boom is a great example of what happens when the demand for something which is limited in quantity is traded. Until a few years back no one cared about its existence. Now everyone wants to have it. A pizza was bought with hundreds of bitcoins a few years back. Now, a  single bitcoin can buy thousands of Pizzas.

Just imagine that a string of computer code has appreciated so much then why not water. Which is the most important resource for humans? Later in the 21st century when water will go dry in many parts of the globe. Who knows we might see a new commodity on the Wall-street in form of Water Futures and Options contracts. Continue reading “Save water or Trade Water in future”

8 Similarities between Cricket and Trading

8 Similarities between Cricket and Trading

Eight Similarities between Cricket and Trading

Cricket is a passion in India and the audience treats cricketers as Gods. For those who are in the stock market whether by trading or investing, it is nothing less than a passion. It would be interesting to find similarities between the two passions of almost every Indian, The Cricket and Trading.

1. Toss

– In Cricket Toss is very crucial. The team decides it strategy beforehand what they will do after they win or lose the toss.

-Similarly in Trading, When you approach the trading in morning. You need to have a Plan B in place too. You do not know whether the market will act as per your understanding or not. Plan B will keep you in the game and help you win too in case something goes wrong.

2. Formats

There are three versions of international cricket:

-Test cricket (longer version)
-One-day cricket
-T-20 (Shorter version)

The stock market also has 3 versions:

· Long-term investment
· Medium-term investment
· Day trading Continue reading “8 Similarities between Cricket and Trading”

8 Steps to Financial Planning

financial planning

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is planning your finances to meet your long-term financial goals. You had to be very disciplined when you do this, you must know how much are you earning, what are your expenditures & how much are you going to invest every month and how are you going to achieve your goals.

Financial Planning is very important to lead a Stress-free life.

Steps in Financial Planning

1. Listing down your Goals

Sit down and put your thinking cap on. Write down whatever goals come into your mind. Either small or big. For example:

Buying Home
Buying a Car
Child Education
Child Marriage

Along with this, there must be a very clear timeline associated with the Goal. Something like “I want to buy a Car after 3 years, which will cost 7 Lacs at that time assuming the rate of inflation”.

2. List down Your Cash Flows

After the first step, we will prepare the list of your cash flows,

Cash flow Statement means, how much money is coming in and going out? Any income earned is a Cash inflow and any Expense is Cash outflow.

It will help you understand how much are you earning & how much are you spending how much is remaining for investing purpose.

3. Understanding and figuring out your Risk-appetite

Continue reading “8 Steps to Financial Planning”

What is Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATM : Source Wikipedia
Bitcoin ATM : Source Wikipedia

What is Bitcoin ATM?

A Bitcoin ATM gives you a chance to purchase Bitcoin with money. Like the way you embed a card into a conventional ATM and get money, a Bitcoin ATM or BTM acknowledges money and releases Bitcoin.

Some Bitcoin ATMs likewise work the inverse way: you can send Bitcoin to the machine and get money. These are known as One-way BTM’s.

The world’s first public BTM opened in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. According to a popular Bitcoin ATM tracking site, over 1650 Bitcoin ATM’s have opened worldwide. Approximately 1000 BTM’s are in the USA alone. Although, Bitcoin is not regulated by most of the countries still its trend is on the rise. Approx. 3 Bitcoin ATM’s are opening daily throughout the globe. A well-renowned company Bitlish wants to open over 5,000 Bitcoin ATM’s in 2017 in Europe.

So, what is motivating people to open and use Bitcoin ATM’s?

Bitcoin ATMs offer various advantages over different techniques for obtaining Bitcoin. At most BTMs, no individual data is required.

All that is required is a Bitcoin wallet or address and money. Contrast this with Bitcoin trades, which must follow KYC and require government ID.

Bitcoin ATMs are newbie friendly. The vast majority know about money and conventional ATMs. Depositing money into a machine and getting Bitcoin in no time flat is an extremely straightforward process.

BTM providers charge transaction fees, generally 6-14% which is higher than obtaining Bitcoin directly from the web. However, the ease of transaction and no paperwork justifies the higher fees.

There is still no Bitcoin ATM in India and is not recognized by Indian government till date. We have to wait at least 2-3 years more for any Bitcoin ATM in India. Nearest BTM to India is in Nonthaburi, Thailand. You can find out your nearest Bitcoin ATM on this website.

What is the future of Crypto ATM’s?

As you have got an impression till now that the use of BTM’s is increasing with every second. Some other crypto-currency ATM’s available till now are Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin etc. Soon we might be having tons of Crypto ATM’s near our house as more and more startup companies are entering into it. All these said the expansion also depends upon the country’s regulatory authorities as well.


How can you make online stock trading effective?

Online stock trading: Few points to keep in mind:

Online Stock Trading

Online stock trading is not something that can be done in a jiffy. It’s a game of millions or even billions, so it must be catered to with sagacity. Following are some of the tips that would assist you in making your online stock trading effective and efficacious.

Choose your Trading Style

You must be aware of the fact that which trading style suits you the most. You can go for the day trading, where the trade is closed each day or you can become a weekly or monthly trader. Nevertheless, it is imperative for you to evaluate the best option for you, so that so could perform effectively.

Choosing the right Stock Broker

If you do not hold much knowledge about the online stock trade, then you may consider hiring a broker. The stockbroker will assist you in securing the reasonable gains. However, it is equally important for you to have an eye on the activity of the broker, so that you may avoid any risks of being defrauded. Continue reading “How can you make online stock trading effective?”

Your Own Stock trading system or copy an existing one?

Should I build my own Stock trading system or copy an existing one?

Every trader who wants to make money and generate trading profits in the stock market needs one. A good strategy can increase the chances of winning because it sets entry points, exit points, and risk management rules. You, therefore, need to spend some time looking for the best strategy.

You can find suitable Systems on the internet. You might be able to come across free systems but many others are sold at good prices. It’s easy to see why expert Systems are costly. They are the tools that can help investors make well beyond the initial cost of a system. Despite the high price tags though, stock trading systems that are for sale are often ideal to use because their cost is a warranty of sorts. You can reasonably expect high system quality that is the result of research.

The mere fact that people buy existing Systems such as the Bollinger or The 50 and 200 Day Moving Average stock trading system implies that there may be an intention to simply copy off a successful method.

The question is whether copying is really a good step to take or not.

Continue reading “Your Own Stock trading system or copy an existing one?”

Understanding risks and returns in financial markets

Do you know what is your Risks and Returns in Financial Markets

Risks and Returns

Risks and Returns are the two of the most fundamental concept in the financial domain. All investment decisions are made around these two figures and the relationship between them. Thus a good understanding of the risks and returns of any financial product is of utmost importance before we invest in it.

Investment return: Return is the extra money an individual earns for investing his money in a given financial product. Return is generally specified as an annual rate.

Investment risk: Risk is defined as the changeability of profits and the shot that your venture will return short of what you expect or your speculation makes a misfortune abandoning you with less capital than when you started.

Let’s consider a simple case of fixed deposit. If I deposit 10000 rupees today for 1 year and the interest rate that the bank offers is 10% annually. So at the Continue reading “Understanding risks and returns in financial markets”

Why is Currency traded?

Why is Currency traded?

Foreign exchange market is where the currency is traded. When trade in goods and services were limited as in olden days, the system of the transaction was through barter. Barter was a system where the transaction was carried out by exchange of goods. But with the expansion of trade, this form of transaction became quite cumbersome. An intermediate between the goods traded was invented. Formerly this was in the form of coins made of metals which had intrinsic value such as gold, silver, and copper. The use of coins to buy and sell goods became convenient. The problem was when the value of goods sold or bought was high. It required that much more coins which were just too cumbersome posing a practical problem. Moreover, trade further expanded. Something easier to handle had to be invented. That was how bank notes made its appearance to substitute coins. Initially, the banknotes were pegged to valuable metals such as the gold standard. But this was later de-linked. Now the value of banknotes comes from the value decreed by governments. These banknotes are issued by banks that are controlled by national governments. Continue reading “Why is Currency traded?”

How to live a Stress-Free financial life?

How to live a Stress-Free financial life thru Saving and wise Spending of Money?

How to live a Stress-Free financial life?

Personal financing of your money is something that needs much of your discipline to make it work well.

Here are tips to have a happy stress-free financial life.

1. Have yourself paid first: Aim to put away at least 10% of your pre-tax income into your savings account. Individuals usually save money which is left after their expenses. As soon as you get the salary, keep aside the saving amount and then try to spend on your expenses from the remaining money.

2. Be strict in spending less than you earn: Keep yourself away from so many demands of shopping. Be not an impulsive buyer. Only use credit cards for utility bill payments or in case of emergency. Stop spending too much. Start saving.

3. Pay your bills on time: Avoid needless late fees as these may cause delays or interruptions in your transaction. Keep track on how much money you actually have. As soon as you get SMS or email of the payment reminder. Note in down as an alert in your google calendar or mobile phone. Bills and expenses put a lot of stress. But if you go with right ways, you will be prevented with debt problems. Continue reading “How to live a Stress-Free financial life?”