Who am I?

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DEEPAK NEGI: I am a mechanical engineer by profession with over 11 years of work experience. I enjoy expressing my views via writing and treasure studying markets and gurus.

A few years back I started to look out for ways to pursue my goal and started trading. Initially, I was a day trader and then later on transformed to swing trader. Now I invest mostly. I have been a student of Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. 

I trade fully discretionary and I have formed my unique trading style over the years. I am obsessed with analyzing my trades and making continuous improvements to my work. My engineering background helped a lot in my analytical skills. My edge lies in breakout setups and finding high probability trading setups. I have been trading for over 6 years now. I apply a mountain of statistics to my money management. While stock screening is done by growth in fundamentals. Much like William O’Neil’s CAN SLIM approach to investing I focus on a narrow amount of stocks and lives by cutting my losses early. You can say I am a risk manager. My target is to become financially independent in next few years.

My passion for Trading, Investment, and Finance writing and creating things lead me to start TechnicalCall.com.

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CONNECTIONS: At times a remark or post string with prompt further and more important associations with different supporters. After some time these associations develop into extraordinary connections. I can by and by authenticating the brilliant advantages of this site. I have met the absolute most astonishing and shrewd traders and investors by doing this blog I wouldn’t surrender it for anything. It’s improved me a much better businessman throughout the years and will keep on helping me develop.

FEEDBACK: By far the greatest advantage of Technical Call is input. When you post an inquiry, a remark, or offer a thought you are probably going to get a considerable measure of reactions back.Even simply perusing remarks and inquiries can be very instructive for anybody of us. Utilize these chances to give and get genuine input.

GUIDANCE, IDEAS, CHARTS: All things considered, Technicalcall.com is an awesome approach to share thoughts, counsel, and outlines with endless financial specialists and dealers. A minefield of asset data, and just for nothing. Furthermore, truly, the more you share the more you will receive consequently.

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