Book Review Debt Proof Your Holidays

Book Review Debt Proof Your Holidays

debt proof your holidays

Each year, more people go into debt with their holiday spending. It isn’t just the gifts, but the decorations and meals as well.
Everyone wants to have a memorable holiday and make it special for all involved, but you don’t have to spend a lot to do so. There are many ways to have a wonderful holiday without breaking the bank. In Mary Hunts Debt Proof Your Holidays, she shares great tips for not only saving money but having a delightful holiday with your family and friends.

Gifts: When it comes to gift giving, people tend to go overboard thinking they have to spend more to prove they care more. This simply isn’t the case. Make changes as a family, and it will help everyone to spend less.
Make gifts instead of buying them – A handmade gift or card always means more.

Do not use credit cards – There are ways to purchase larger gifts and still avoiding the credit card trap?

Creative gift wrapping Instead of store bought paper and ribbons, make your own.

Decorating: There are many simple things that can be done to create a festive mood around the house. Making your own decorations or finding a good sale is only the beginning.
Use things you already have around the house.
Don’t buy all new decorations each year.
If you have to have “new things, buy them at after holiday sales.

Meals: Holidays and meals seem to go hand in hand with most families. In addition to overeating, we tend to overspend so create simple recipes and show within your budget.

Mary Hunt’s sense of humor, combined with her money saving tips, make this book a sure winner and a big help to those wanting to save money and still enjoy their holiday season.


About the Author

Mary Hunt is a self-affirmed improved prodigal and credit card addict. When she and her group of four wound up in $100,000 in the red and her better half all of a sudden lost his occupation, the time had come to fix the belt.

Declining to relinquish her personal satisfaction, Ms. Chase deliberately gives something to do each tip, trap, and method to turn her money related calamity around.

Making an interpretation of that experience into her tremendously well-known bulletin, The Cheapskate Monthly, Ms. Chase now discloses to all of you have to know to pivot your own funds for good.

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