My stock selection method

How I select stock for trading?

 I used to spend 30-45 minutes daily on screening stocks to trade next day a few years ago. Until. One day I stumbled upon a wonderful website which provides free charts and technical data. Now my screening time for stock selection has reduced to only 5 minutes maximum.
Icharts has got a good EOD screener which can be used for selecting stocks for investing / trading. This screener shows various metrics like % gain from 1 week to one year, SMA / EMA values and other technical parameters.
Stock selection of strong stocks can be a good idea as it is known that outperformers keep outperforming until they don’t. The % gain in the above screener can be used as your first filter. You can download the screener and then see the % gain in various time frames. Stocks which have gained more than 50% to 75% in one year can be a good filter. Below is a screenshot where the stocks are arranged according to their 1 year % gain:
stock selection guide

Below they are arranged according to their 3 month % gain:

method of stock selection

The idea here is to track a stock on 1 year – 3 month – 1 month – 1-week frames. The highest time frame takes precedence.
Your second filter is liquidity. You need a stock selection with good volume. A daily volume of 50,000 to 100,000 shares is a good yardstick. Your next two filters are the 50 day and the 200-day moving averages. You need stocks which are trading above these averages.
Below is a flowchart for this process:
How to select stocks for trading

Edit – I picked up the following stocks according to the above flowchart. You can come up with your own list like this.


stock selection

Below is a daily chart of Tata Global.


tata global chart
You can also you Screener Lite on Icharts If you have your fixed criteria and want to find stocks as per those.
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