How to be positive


be positive
Everyone falls into the trap of negativity sometime in their lives. Few points listed below can help you turn back to be positive.




  1. Concentrate on what you need and not on what, you don’t wish.
  2. Concentrate your brain on the great things you as of now have in your life. If you focus on them, these good things will gain in your life.
  3. Do not fill your psyche with considerations of need. Think and trust that you as of now have plenitude, achievement, love, and joy.
  4. Figure out how to feel, think and even act, as though you are as of now carrying on with the life you picture. On the off chance that you can feel, think and act reliably along these lines, you will wind up noticeably more joyful and will pull in new open doors into your life.
  5. Think about what you need, make a photo of it in your psyche and make it clear and exact. Hold it there and concentrate on it emphatically, until the point that it turns into a reality in your life.
  6. Always let yourself know “I can”, “I am capable”, “I can do it”, “I am a constructive individual”.
  7. Often, amid the day, rehash positive insistences about what you need. Do as such with confidence, sentiments, expectation, and core interest.
  8. Look for the positive qualities in each circumstance. It is continually something great or at rent something helpful to learn, even in the troublesome or repulsive circumstances.
  9. Follow your positive considerations with positive activities.
  10. Always concentrate your brain on the full 50% of the glass, and not on the vacant half.
  11. Do your best to dismiss negative contemplations and supplant them with positive musings.
  12. Be mindful of the organization. Associate with constructive individuals.
  13. Read about other individuals’ prosperity. Read things that move you and make you can rest easy.
  14. Concentrate your psyche on the best way to be certain and you will find more approaches to be so.

Your kid may be the next Warren Buffet

Your kid may be the next Warren Buffet or a businessman.

next warren buffet

Sounds Childish?

Yes, It can look to you a bit too vague statement.

You will say:

  • My Kid is too small to understand about money now, Let him study.
  • I do not want him to do stocks and become a gambler.
  • Next Warren Buffet or Rakesh Jhunjhunwala etc is a myth, most people fail and entrepreneurship is risky. See how many start-ups have failed lately.

Our Indian Mindset is such that we are too protective of our kids. Sometimes the over-protectionism make us force our kids to do what we want them to do. The result, One more engineer added to this world who will look to make money by alternate means after he gets his job. LOL :D.

As per India Today article, only 7% engineers are employable. What’s wrong? Indian education system, population, Job market.

In my opinion, NONE. It is you to blame, The parents. You made your kids cram for marks and never taught them one of the most important parts of life  Money. 

Teaching kids about money, savings and investment are like teaching kids about Sex education. Parents keep it a deep secret or just ignore the importance of it.

Enough of the Scolding for the Parents ;).

When asked to Warren Buffet about What he thinks is the biggest error parents do when teaching their kids about money. He replied: I believe parents need to start teaching kids about the importance of managing money at a lot earlier early age when they are in their preschool. Sometimes parents wait until their kids are in their teens.

So, What are few key traits of a successful investor?


“I never try to make money on the stock market. I purchase on the presumption they could close the stock market the next working day and do not re-open it for next 5 years.” — Warren Buffett

Goal oriented

“My two rules of investing: Rule one — never lose money. Rule two — never forget rule one.” — Warren Buffett

Emotionally strong

 “Every few seconds it changes, up to an eighth, down an eighth. It’s like playing a slot machine. I lose $20 million, I gain $20 million.” — Ted Turner


“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” — Henry Ford


In Next post, We will discuss how to develop these skills in kids. These traits will help your kid become more confident in life and a foot closer to the path to success in life. Who knows your kid may be the next Warren Buffet

Please, keep following for the second part of the post. To be continued….

Trading Mentor is a must for successful trader

All successful traders have Trading Mentor or Gurus

Here’s How to Achieve the Trading Results You Want with help of a Trading Mentor and determine whether you are suited to trading. Your chances for success as a trader are maximized, if you exhibit most, if not all, of the following characteristics. Take this simple test to see if you have what it takes to win the trading game.

trading mentor

Do you Yes No
1. Have a burning desire to trade?
2. Easily take action, once you have made a decision?
3. Have sufficient risk capital (money you don’t need to live on)?
4. Possess a strong self-discipline?
5. Have a strong sense of self-confidence?
6. Have a winning and tested trading strategy?
7. Finish what you start?

The results are at the bottom of the post.

Q. Why do so many traders fail?

A. Because they do not have adequate trading capital and the fear of loss is insurmountable. Secondly, they have no experience and thus make poor decisions based on inadequate information.

B. No Trading mentor. When you work with a professional trader as your mentor you will quickly: Gain Years of Experience in a Fraction of the Time. 

  • Receive training and advice specific to your needs
  • Recognize problem areas and eliminate self-defeating practices
  • Understand the importance of your self-talk
  • Understand different indicators and when to use them
  • Learn important strategies to determine low-risk opportunities
  • Understand specifics of indicators such as Bollinger Bands, RSI, ADX and many others
  • Develop a trading style that suits your personality
  • Explore the finer points of charting software
  • Receive personalized trading lessons based on your trading goals


Your Trading Profits Will Improve When You:

  • Trade first hand with real money
  • Develop a winning formula
  • Learn to trust your trading strategies by making winning trades
  • Develop the expectation of a positive outcome

The Majority of Traders is Making Losing Trades – You Don’t Have to Be One of Them. You’ll Greatly Increase Your Odds By…

  • Training with a private trading mentor.
  • Developing trading strategies that suit your style and personality.
  • Experiencing trading success first hand.
  • Fine tuning your trading plan.
  • Determining your trading goals.


Q. How can I accelerate the learning process and at the same time minimize the drawdowns?

A. By working with a Mentor, one-on-one, your mentor can guide you away from losing trades by pointing out strong indications that may dissuade you from making the trade in the first place. Hence, you do not lose money, yet you gain valuable experience. This played out over the course of a few months, can save the average trader many thousands of dollars and provide an experience level usually only gained after years of trading mistakes.

Q. Can a trading mentor help me avoid losses?

A. Yes, by working with you to develop strong trading strategies you can trust. Your inner belief system will not allow you to take action if you strongly believe it will cause you pain. Losing trades equate with pain in your subconscious mind, and you must develop a way to winning trades to prove themselves. It is imperative that a trader has faith in their trading system.

Q. What stops most traders from making progress?

A. The complete loss of their trading capital through trading without adequate knowledge or experience, usually causes traders to be forced to wait on the sidelines until they are able to again build up sufficient capital to try again.

Q. What is the best way to develop trading experience and knowledge?

A. You’ll gain experience and knowledge by trading. Paper trading is a good start to learn the mechanics, but you must trade with real money to truly experience the realities of trading. A mentor can help enormously during this process.

What Can A Trading Mentor Do For Me?

  • Introduce you to unfamiliar indicators and techniques
  • Help you make winning trades while avoiding losing trades
  • Make certain you fully understand a new indicator or trading method and answer all your questions
  • Discuss trading ideas without a vested interest in whether you place a trade or not (unlike your broker)
  • Point out trade possibilities
  • Provide a detailed analysis, including charts and full instructions to enable you to utilize the methods taught
  • Teach you to trade independently and confidently

Do you want to better understand the markets you trade?

Do you want to take your trading to the next level?

You will save Millions of bucks by Simply Not Taking A Few Losing Trades

Practice is necessary for any skill you want to master. A professional sports star does not just one day decide to pick up a football and go out for the pros. Rather, it is after many years of consistent and diligent practice that one is good enough to even try out for the team.

A coach can reduce the time needed to learn a new skill by pointing out errors and introducing you to techniques you might not have considered. A mentor can keep you on track. A coach will get you to pull yourself back up after a bad hit, and encourage you to get back in the game.

Are You PREPARED to ELEVATE Your Trading to the UPPER Level?
  • Do you want to hear training and advice specific to your needs, right now?
  • Do you want to feel more confident in your trading skills?
  • Are you interested in seeing what individually designed trading lessons can do for you?
  • Would you like to see your trading style become more fully developed?

The Trading Mentor Can Help You Become a Better Trader and accelerate the process. We are very serious about trading and will work only with people who truly want (and expect) to succeed as traders.

If you believe you are ready to take your trading to the next level, Just drop an email or contact thru our social media accounts.

Check the results of the above Quiz:

Count Yes Answers Chances for Success
If your score is    Your rating is
1-2 = Poor
3-4 = Fair
5-6 = Good
7 = Excellent!

Day trading suitable for you?

Day trading! Are you ready?

Day trading

People often say that stock securities are a waiting game. So one can only imagine the risks involved when people involved in day trading try to accomplish the buying and selling of securities all in a single trading day. In fact, this venture is so risky that some people even refer to it as gambling.

Even the provisionary beginner’s luck is hard to come by when it comes to day trading. It takes some careful planning to earn positive dividends in this undertaking. If all goes well, one can leave his or her day job to earn loads of money in day trading. But it involves a strong and persistent approach to trading.
The positives here include the ability to close a deal within a single day, thereby eliminating further overnight risks. This is no laughing matter as huge profits can evaporate in an overnight. Also, there are no surefire secrets, just indicators of market trends.

Day trading! Perhaps, there is nothing more exciting than trading stocks for a living. If you are a typical 5-9 job goes.

  • You really hate it when your boss tells you to work on this and that. You do not want to be a slave anymore, you would like to answer to nobody.
  • See no future at all in your typical boring day job. You will always be that little work bee whom everyone can assign work. You are at the bottom of the food chain.
  • You hate office politics. Some people can be your boss just because they are better at office politics than you. You are always the one that does all the dirty work and gets no credit.
  • What you do every day is more boring than flipping burgers.

If you become Day trader

  • All the above gripes will be gone.
  • You can profit in a bull market, a bear market or even a range-bound market.
  • The sky is the limit. If your system can bring home 3000 INR every day, then it will possibly bring home 50000 INR and more.


Before you get all excited about day trading, you will have to ask yourself one simple question. Why do 99.99% of the people around me have a boring day job?

Is it risky?

The answer is no. Intraday Trading is much safer than investing. You close all your positions before the market closes every day. Thus, you avoid the possibility of a gaping-up or a gaping down the next morning. If your risk control is very solid, day trading is not risky at all. That is also why most brokerage houses give you a 1:4 leverage buying power for day trading instead of 1:2 for overnight. Nevertheless, I never use margin.

Is it hard?

The answer is yes. The hardest part is your market psychology and discipline. It will take you a long time to master these 2 things. And I am sure that you will relapse after a few good trades. Intraday trading for a supplementary income is easier than for a living since you have no pressure to make the ends meet every month. Of course, if you have a consistent system to make a supplementary income, then you can easily transition to trading for a living.

One single most important thing is that there is absolutely no shortcut in trading. You will be a profitable day trader only after a tremendous amount of hard work.

Here are 10 preconditions I think you need to meet.

  1. You should be available from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.
  2. You should be realistic about your gains.
  3. You should know it will take you quite sometimes before you can be profitable.
  4. You should know it will take a lot of hard work.
  5. You do not depend on trading for your main income, which would put too much pressure on your performance.
  6. You should have at least 3 lakh disposable income. The more, the better!
  7. You should have a decent computer, a dual monitor setup and high-speed Internet.
  8. You should be optimistic and upbeat about your trading.
  9. You should have solid knowledge of technical analysis.
  10. You should know you will lose some money in the beginning, which is the tuition everyone has to pay. You are not an exception!


It is easy to get all your hardware ready. But it will take you a long time to be mentally ready. You will ride your emotional waves up and down for quite a long time.  I think the coolest part if you can make it, is that you do not have to answer to anyone.  Good Luck!

The Losing trader mindset

Losing Trader: Top 10 reasons


losing trader

1. Trading based on Hunch feel: Trading randomly based on tips, the Gut feeling is suicidal. You are relying on the luck. You enter and exit the position based on your hunch feeling.

2. Lack of back-testing of the new strategy and overconfidence on it: Imagine a doctor who has never done a surgery in his college life and you are his first surgery patient. I think you got my point :).

3. Unrealistic expectations: You think you can become a millionaire overnight or within a month. Yeah! Keep dreaming.

4. Not heard about ” Never keep your all eggs in a single basket”: Always keep backups.

5. Self-ego and over-smartness: This happens with everyone, Right? You believe that Heard on Street (HOS) SMS you received was only delivered to your cell phone and you should make full use of that insider information.

6. Prediction Baba: Prediction is so fascinating. We love to predict everything. In fact, it’s our favorite time-pass. We are super-humans and we can predict exact tops and bottoms, that too only with our gut feel.

7. Trading, like on a suicide mission: You believe in Do or Die. No half measures. Please, keep patience, markets are open for the lifetime.

8. Booked Profits too soon and Holding losing positions forever: You are too afraid to book losses. You can wait as there is no harm in it. It cannot go below zero.

9. Holding stocks from the same sector: you are too confident on a particular sector and do not believe in diversification.

.10. Trying different trading instruments without knowledge: One of the major reasons of some new traders losing money. They start trading in Futures and options, They are unaware of big risks and they quickly erode their Capital. So as a new to share market, Cash should be preferred. Mistakes like these can be very fatal. Read how a trader lost 24 lakh in 5 minutes.

If You do not want to be a losing trader, Just act opposite to the above points.

How cash & future price is related

Cash & future price are co-related

Cash price is the base of Futures price. That is why futures market is also known as a derivative market. They are derived from spot price. Futures price usually fluctuates above or below the cash price, but the cash price sets the standard of any move in the
The futures market, because large Trading houses with low dealing costs will have an established arbitrage Channel. Their actions will force the future price back in line with the spot price.

This repetitive process keeps the price movements between the spot and futures markets largely similar.

Sometimes sudden movements away from the spot prices are usually caused by the activities of the big players known as Market-makers. These professionals are trading their own accounts and can see both sides of the market (i.e. The buy and sell orders).

Syndicates are in the process of selling or buying large blocks of shares. they know these large transactions will have an immediate effect on the market. They will also trade the futures and options contracts in order to offset or lower risk. This is why the future often seems to move before the spot.

Another example, Let’s assume that the market participants predict that there’s going to be a severe shortage of Gold in next quarter. It makes sense for the future price of Gold (today) to rise, reflecting the expected fall in supply.