When you buy an OPTION on a stock, you are really obtaining it from another individual and additionally firm on Wall Street that is composing the genuine choices contract. Things being what they are, this is a to some degree startling reality, since it implies somebody is really wagering straightforwardly against you being right in your presumption of benefit on the ultimate result of the choice. While it’s actual option author may support themselves to restrict or potentially diminish dangers, in the meantime, the essential thought is that you are taking up a position against somebody who is valuing the choice with an end goal to guarantee you won’t take his or her cash. When exchanging OPTIONS, you have to dependably remember this point.

Likewise comprehend that while OPTIONS have exchanged a market fundamentally the same as stocks, there is significantly more scope to the extent how valuing can function amongst purchaser and merchant. Basically, on the off chance that somebody is sufficiently senseless to overpay for an Options contract, there will in all likelihood be choice author willing to compose that agreement and offer it. In the event that you truly need to see a direct showing of this, simply put in a market request for an Options contract at some point. Watch out! Continue reading “THE OPTION WRITER”

Who are options traders?

Who are options traders and what they do?

Many people believe it is risky to become an options traders. This incorrect assumption is prevalent among those who have little understanding of the stock market. The notion that trading options are scary has been perpetuated over the years by general ignorance. The truth is that the stock market is a risky endeavor regardless of what strategy or approach you take; that’s the nature of investing. But being an options traders comes with no additional risk than someone who trades stocks.

It’s just like driving an automobile. The idea of driving a 2,000-pound piece of machinery at speeds of 75 miles per hour does sound daunting, but once a student learns how to properly drive a car it no longer seems as dangerous. The same is true with options; once a student learns the basics, the idea no longer sounds crazy. An options traders know there are potential dangers that are inherent with that style of trading, although there are an equal number of advantages, too.

Among the dangers faced when trading options are:


Their options trade has a time limit from the moment they enter into the position; an option is good for a specified amount of time before it expires worthless. If the trade doesn’t work in the expected direction, there may not be enough time for the position to come around.


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Difference between stock and option trading

stock and option trading

Trading Difference Between stock and option trading

There is much difference between stock and option trading. Understanding these discrepancies can make the difference between making money and losing money in the options market, so it’s a good idea to have a grasp of them before putting money in an options trade.

An option is a contract that gives the buyer of the option the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price on or before a predetermined price. A call option gives the individual the right to buy the asset, while a put option gives the right to sell the asset.

Stocks sell a wide variety of prices, but options only sell at predetermined prices, which are known as the strike price. These strike prices are the agreed-upon purchase or sale prices and are fixed amounts that are set according to the value of the underlying asset. Mostly, Stocks between 5 and 25 have strike prices in increments of 2.50. Stocks between 25 and 200 have strike prices in increments of 5. Scripts that sell for more than 200 have strike prices in increments of 10. Continue reading “Difference between stock and option trading”

OTM Options direction and speed importance

OTM Options direction and speed

This post is intended to be understood by novice traders who want to trade OTM options or are currently trading. I would not be using any technical jargons.

The biggest mistake what a new option speculator does is to buy OTM (Out of the Money Options).
Why? Because the price of the OTM strike looks cheap and there is less risk of losing money in case you are wrong.

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