OTM Options direction and speed importance

OTM Options direction and speed

This post is intended to be understood by novice traders who want to trade OTM options or are currently trading. I would not be using any technical jargons.

The biggest mistake what a new option speculator does is to buy OTM (Out of the Money Options).
Why? Because the price of the OTM strike looks cheap and there is less risk of losing money in case you are wrong.


It is the opposite, In options, What looks Cheap is not always cheap. Especially in the case of OTM options, a trader has to counter two hurdles.
  • Direction of stock
  • The Speed by which it will achieve the target.Ever heard about time decay? If not, Google it. It is the fastest in the case of OTM options.¬†
 OTM options speed
OTM options Direction
A Speculator in a basic market is solely inspired by the course in which the market will move. While the Options trader is likewise delicate to directional contemplations, he should likewise give cautious thought to how quick the market is probably going to move. On the off chance that an FNO trader take long market positions in their separate instruments, and the market moves higher, the FNO trader is guaranteed of a benefit while the Options trader may demonstrate a misfortune. In the event that the market neglects to move adequately quick, the positive directional move may not be sufficient to balance the choice’s misfortune in time esteem.

This is the essential reason trader, by and large, lose in Options trading markets. The Traders more often than not purchases choices for their apparently ideal hazard/compensate attributes (restricted hazard/boundless reward). In any case, on the off chance that he buys Options, he needs to beyond any doubt about market speed and bearing. Just on the off chance that he is spot on the two checks would he be able to hope to make a benefit? On the off chance that foreseeing the right market bearing is troublesome, effectively anticipating course and speed are presumably past most speculators’ capacities.

We will talk about more Options trading the coming days. Till at that point, Stay Tuned!

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