Save water or Trade Water in future

Save water – The Liquid Gold of our Planet

Water is the most important asset required to manage all life on the planet earth. It is so important that UAE is towing Iceberg from the southern end of the world, Antarctica to quench its population’s thrust. Save water or Trade Water in Future

Many Analysts have already predicted that the Third World war would be for Water.

Despite the fact that it has been battled about, sold, redirected, dammed, guaranteed by governments and administered by experts. Stock Market has not been able to get its hands on it as a tradable commodity like in case of Oil.

Clean drinking water is relied upon to end up as the more human race grows. Many environmental changes are already visible due to humans.

So the question is, Will this most valuable product turned into a trading asset that will be dealt for, and exchanged on a futures and options market,  much like oil, corn or gold?

Bitcoin BoomThe recent Bitcoin boom is a great example of what happens when the demand for something which is limited in quantity is traded. Until a few years back no one cared about its existence. Now everyone wants to have it. A pizza was bought with hundreds of bitcoins a few years back. Now, a  single bitcoin can buy thousands of Pizzas.

Just imagine that a string of computer code has appreciated so much then why not water. Which is the most important resource for humans? Later in the 21st century when water will go dry in many parts of the globe. Who knows we might see a new commodity on the Wall-street in form of Water Futures and Options contracts. Continue reading “Save water or Trade Water in future”

What is Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATM : Source Wikipedia
Bitcoin ATM : Source Wikipedia

What is Bitcoin ATM?

A Bitcoin ATM gives you a chance to purchase Bitcoin with money. Like the way you embed a card into a conventional ATM and get money, a Bitcoin ATM or BTM acknowledges money and releases Bitcoin.

Some Bitcoin ATMs likewise work the inverse way: you can send Bitcoin to the machine and get money. These are known as One-way BTM’s.

The world’s first public BTM opened in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. According to a popular Bitcoin ATM tracking site, over 1650 Bitcoin ATM’s have opened worldwide. Approximately 1000 BTM’s are in the USA alone. Although, Bitcoin is not regulated by most of the countries still its trend is on the rise. Approx. 3 Bitcoin ATM’s are opening daily throughout the globe. A well-renowned company Bitlish wants to open over 5,000 Bitcoin ATM’s in 2017 in Europe.

So, what is motivating people to open and use Bitcoin ATM’s?

Bitcoin ATMs offer various advantages over different techniques for obtaining Bitcoin. At most BTMs, no individual data is required.

All that is required is a Bitcoin wallet or address and money. Contrast this with Bitcoin trades, which must follow KYC and require government ID.

Bitcoin ATMs are newbie friendly. The vast majority know about money and conventional ATMs. Depositing money into a machine and getting Bitcoin in no time flat is an extremely straightforward process.

BTM providers charge transaction fees, generally 6-14% which is higher than obtaining Bitcoin directly from the web. However, the ease of transaction and no paperwork justifies the higher fees.

There is still no Bitcoin ATM in India and is not recognized by Indian government till date. We have to wait at least 2-3 years more for any Bitcoin ATM in India. Nearest BTM to India is in Nonthaburi, Thailand. You can find out your nearest Bitcoin ATM on this website.

What is the future of Crypto ATM’s?

As you have got an impression till now that the use of BTM’s is increasing with every second. Some other crypto-currency ATM’s available till now are Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin etc. Soon we might be having tons of Crypto ATM’s near our house as more and more startup companies are entering into it. All these said the expansion also depends upon the country’s regulatory authorities as well.


Types of Insurance: a short introduction

 What is an Insurance

Insurance is a type of risk management basically used to safeguard against the threat of an unexpected, dubious misfortune. Insurance is characterized as the even-handed exchange of the risk of a misfortune, starting with one thing then onto the next, in return for payment.
An Insurance provider is an organization offering the protection.
The policyholder is the individual purchasing the insurance policy.

How many types of Insurance are there?

1. Life Insurance
2. Health Insurance
3. Auto Insurance
4. Long Term Care Insurance
5. Dental Insurance
6. Disability Insurance
7. Home Insurance
8. Business Insurance
9. Travel Insurance
10. Credit card Insurance
11. Pet insurance


Human Life Insurance:

1. Term Plans:

1. Provide only life cover
2. Pay out the sum only if individual doesn’t survive the term
3. Fixed to pay an annual premium for fixed period till no events
4. Long term and premium stays the same during the period
5. Lower premiums, You can get life cover up to INR 1 Crore with a premium of 10,000 INR approx. annually.

2. Endowment Plans:

1. Pay out the sum assured under both scenarios – death, and survival, as long as premiums have been paid regularly
2. Good avenue for investment for those with low to medium risk appetite
3. For investors seeking a combination of insurance and savings
4. The downside is low and premium is higher, You get same 1 Crore life cover with a premium of 50,000 INR approx. annually.

3. ULIPs:

1. Invest in stock/debt market (you have the option to choose allocation)
2. Combination of long term savings and insurance in that order
3. If objective is life cover, then term plan better than ULIP
4. ULIPs have higher expenses
5. Pay out the sum assured on maturity
6. ULIPs give high returns on long term basis (10 years)

What are ULIPs?

A unit-connected protection design (ULIP) is a kind of life coverage where the money estimation of a policy differs as indicated by the present net resource estimation of the fundamental venture resources. It permits security and adaptability in investment, which is absent in different types of insurance, for example, entire life policies. The premium paid is utilized to buy units in assets picked by the policyholder.

Top 5 essential qualities of a day trader

Top 5 essential qualities of a day trader

Day trading can be a stressful occupation for a lot of people. It can be equated to a roller coaster ride, with times of extreme highs and times of extreme low. While there is great profit potential in day trading, it comes with a price. Before deciding to embark on a career in day trading, a personal evaluation should be taken.

Here are a few essential qualities a day trader will probably need if they’re going to be successful:

essential qualities of a day trader



Because the pace of the business is so fast, a day trader needs to be able to make quick decisions. The inability to decide what to do in a precise manner can cause them to miss the potential trade, which could limit the potential profit and increase the potential loss. Those who can’t make a quick decision and live with it should probably stay away from day trading.


Day trading requires discipline because it must be treated as a business. A business person must establish discipline in their actions or their plan is certain to fail. Day traders must be disciplined when it comes to placing trades, recording their trades, and keeping their accounts in order.


Technologically savvy:

A day trader must be willing to invest in the latest technology that can make it more profitable to trade. By using the fastest, most innovative equipment, the day trader will be able to receive data faster and make a fast move when they have the best equipment on the market.


A day trader must have the ability to switch hats in a hurry and adapt to changing conditions. What looks like a bullish play one minute may be a bearish play the next, meaning a day trader will need to sell one position and change teams in a hurry. Adaptability will help ensure a higher level of success.


Mental toughness:

Not every trade is going to end up favorably, a fact that is true for day traders or anyone who is involved in the market. The ability to shake it off and move forward is essential, although a day trader like any trader must have the willingness to learn when things go wrong.

Many successful day traders exhibit these characteristics and use them to become more profitable in their new business. Before deciding to take steps toward becoming a day trader, it would probably be wise to take a personal checkup and see if you have the constitution to do it.


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