Save water or Trade Water in future

Save water – The Liquid Gold of our Planet

Water is the most important asset required to manage all life on the planet earth. It is so important that UAE is towing Iceberg from the southern end of the world, Antarctica to quench its population’s thrust. Save water or Trade Water in Future

Many Analysts have already predicted that the Third World war would be for Water.

Despite the fact that it has been battled about, sold, redirected, dammed, guaranteed by governments and administered by experts. Stock Market has not been able to get its hands on it as a tradable commodity like in case of Oil.

Clean drinking water is relied upon to end up as the more human race grows. Many environmental changes are already visible due to humans.

So the question is, Will this most valuable product turned into a trading asset that will be dealt for, and exchanged on a futures and options market,  much like oil, corn or gold?

Bitcoin BoomThe recent Bitcoin boom is a great example of what happens when the demand for something which is limited in quantity is traded. Until a few years back no one cared about its existence. Now everyone wants to have it. A pizza was bought with hundreds of bitcoins a few years back. Now, a  single bitcoin can buy thousands of Pizzas.

Just imagine that a string of computer code has appreciated so much then why not water. Which is the most important resource for humans? Later in the 21st century when water will go dry in many parts of the globe. Who knows we might see a new commodity on the Wall-street in form of Water Futures and Options contracts.

Today I just thought of sharing this topic with all of you after I read a post on Indi blogger about Livepure’s initiative to save Water. #CuttingPaani

I would like to Thank the Liverpure’s Initiative to make netizens aware of the water conservation.

Today Most of the world’s population has no access to safe and clean drinking water. This is a harsh reality and sadly we don’t recognize the need to save water.

Sometimes we take a Glass full of water and spill the leftover water down the drains. We don’t realize that most people in this world have to walk miles to get drinking water.

Bear Grylls in Man vs Wild can survive on his urine but we can not . We need water and You need to save it for the future generations to come. It is Important for each and every person to take action towards saving water.

Some of the simple ideas to save water have been shared here.


A Nice video for water conservation awareness.

Please spread the awareness and sign the petition

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