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Privacy Policy regards and qualities the privilege to Privacy of every single person. This Privacy Policy of applies to the present customers and additionally previous customers. The following is the word by word certifications of our Privacy Policy: Your data whether open or private won’t be sold, leased, traded, exchanged or given to any organization or individual for any reason without your assent for the same.
Notwithstanding the administration given to you your data (Mobile Number, E-Mail ID and so on.) can be gotten used for sending you bulletins, overview, challenge data, or data about any new administrations of the Company which will be for your own great and keeping in mind that subscribing for our administrations you concur that has the privilege to do as such.

What data do we collect?

TechnicalCall gathers data from you when you enlist on our site.

When requesting or enlisting on our site, as fitting, you might be made a request to enter your: name or email address. You may be that as it may, visit our site namelessly. 

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about us

About us

This website was created to help portray financial information and decisions in a simpler light. It is the personal opinion of the author that your financial future should be uncomplicated and untroubled.  It is the authors goal to help guide individuals to a stable worry free financial future and to help individuals make the most of what they have so they can truly enjoy their lives

Our Mission is to help each and every trader and investor by providing customer focused research and enrich his/her knowledge in investing and in trading, technical capabilities and motivate them to do extremely well as a sound investor and trader.

To show you our seriousness towards this , we organize trading classes, webinars , group discussions and publish knowledgeable articles.

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About me

I am a pure reversal and mean reversion trader with a passion for statistics, math and financial data modeling – I just love this work. I apply a lot of statistics to my risk and money management . You can say I am a risk manager.
I trade fully discretionary and I have modeled my own personal trading strategy over the years. I am too eager when it comes to study my trades and making tweaks to improve my trading. My engineering background helped a lot in my analytical skills. I have been trading for 6/7 years now .
My passion for trading and finance, writing and creating things lead me to open where I share everything trading related.
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Trading blog : My first stepping stone

first Trading blog

Hello and Welcome Everybody to my first trading blog.This is my first stepping stone.

This is my first post to this blog.

Actually, It is not the first post. I have been blogging in the past. My first trading blog was in the year 2010. However, due to personal life commitments, I was unable to continue regularly. I deleted several of my blogs and lost thousands of followers.

This time I am 100% sure that I will continue blogging till the end of time. A little Introduction about me is given below.
I have been Trading and Investing in Indian equities market from last 7 years and in this journey, I have come across various tools and tricks of technical analysis.I feel that now I am well versed in Technical analysis and trading.

On day to day basis and for investments, I provide free Technical stock views and advice to my followers and friends.
Managed portfolios of 20+ people in past successfully when I used to run a PMS.
I am admin of few trading groups on the what’s app messenger and has a page on Facebook.
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The technical call is started with a vision to empower the retail investors and traders in Trading business, Educate them in any form to make profits.

I am sharing my Knowledge via this blog by means of case studies, notes, analysis, trading views. So that novice traders can take the experience from my mistakes and achievements.The Pros could give feedback and maybe learn few different aspects of trading.

Please Stay tuned.

A Disclaimer: Any views expressed on this website are my own views and study. Please follow my studies at your own risk. I am not responsible for your profits or losses. I may have my vested interests in the stocks I will discuss. SEBI registration for the analyst is in progress. do not charge for any service.