New day trader’s expectations and how to manage day trading?

New day trader’s expectations and how he should be managing his day trading?

New day trader’s expectations

If making money while working a completely flexible schedule sounds like the life for you then it is a very good idea to spend some time looking around at the day trading field. With tons of people working for themselves at the hours, they choose to work it can be extremely exciting and rewarding for a lot of people. Learning how day traders actually make their money though can also be very exciting and you are going to have that very opportunity right now.

The best indicator of just how successful a transaction does not always have to be measured in terms of profit though. If you are only looking to make massive amounts of money then you could very well end up being disappointed after your first transaction goes badly. Not all investors are going to find instant success in a bottle with the stock market and day trade is much harder than typical stocks. In order to actually find the results that you want, you need to take some time and carefully review your goals. What do you really intend to pull out of the stock market?

Bad is Good

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What is the rule of 72?

Let’s discuss the rule of 72 today

The Rule of 72

Investors invest for one primary reason – to make a return on their money. Compound interest is the friend of an Investor.

What is Compound Interest?

Compound interest is interest that accrues based on the total balance of principal and accumulated interest. Compound interest is a powerful tool for getting the financial glory.

What is the rule of 72?

The “Rule of 72” is a simple, quick and easy way to calculate the length of time in which money doubles at a certain interest rate.The Rule of 72 is a math formula that tells you how long it will take to double the value of the money you invest:

Firstly, Find out your interest rate…
Second… do the math!

  • 72 / interest rate = # of years
  • Example: $1000 invested at 6% interest rate
  • 72 / 6 = 12 years –> In 12 years $1000 will double at 6%!

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stock market basics

stock market basicsIntroducing Stock Market Basics


In 1782 in America, world’s first stock market came into existence. Prior to this in huge wall compound fights between four types of animals were arranged. People used to earn money on the strength and weakness of these animals. Financial market adopted the same technique and “Stock Exchange” Was born. Later on, the building was built for the stock exchange. American stock exchange was named “Wall Street” after above-stated wall. Those animals used to for fight were Bulls, Beers, Hogs, And Sheep. Each of them is having following characteristics.

Bulls – Strong and Aggressive
Beers – Weak and Timid
Hogs – Senseless
Sheep – Intelligent and Analytical

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