Technical Analysis course

TA course free

TA course free for all. If you are new to the study of technical analysis, you may be wondering just what technical analysis is. In its basic form, technical analysis is the study of past market data, primarily price and volume data  this information is used to make trading or investing decisions.

Website help you in learning technical analysis in a simple and easy way. We will provide you with examples from our Indian markets too.
We have following study material for aspiring technical analysts and traders :
A. Level 1 : In level 1 you learn following aspects of technical analysis .
1) Terminology of technical analysis
2) Methods of charting
3) Determination of price trends/basics of pattern recognition
4) Establishing price targets
5) Equity market analysis
6) Applying technical analysis to bonds, currencies, futures and options
B. Level 2 :  Only Studying is not enough until unless we apply our knowledge in real world. In this level you will apply theory and application of concepts and techniques covered in level 1 . Level 2 candidate must expand his/her understanding of technical analysis to apply various technical indicators and techniques in the analysis of the overall market or an individual security.
Below are some links for books on trading and technical analysis :
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