Technical Analysis course

COURSE: – Technical Analysis course LEVEL 1  – Tenure: 32 lectures

Technical Analysis Course

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The Level 1 Course builds know-how of 6 basics of technical analysis:
1) Terms used in technical analysis
2) Various types of charting
3) Determination of price trends/basics of pattern exploration
4) How to find, price targets
5) Stock market analysis
6) Applying technical analysis to securities, currencies, derivatives

Chapters :

1   Psychology of Technical Analysis
2   Charts
3   The Dow Theory
4   Important Reversal Patterns
5   Important Reversal Patterns – Continued
6   Important Reversal Patterns – The Triangles
7   Important Reversal Patterns – Continued
8   Consolidation Formations
9   Gaps
10   Support and Resistance
11   Use of Support and Resistance
12   Trendlines and Channels
13   Major Trendlines
14   Trendlines in Action
15   Individual Momentum Indicators I
16   Individual Momentum Indicators II
17   Candle Charts
18   Elliott, Fibonacci, and Gann
19   Volume: General Principles
20   Volume Oscillators
21   Stop Orders
22   What Is A Bottom – What Is A Top?
23  Money and Risk Management
24  Advancements in Investment Technology
25  Choosing and Managing High-Risk Stocks
26  Not All in One Basket
27  Balanced and Diversified
28  Trial and Error
29  How Much Capital to Use in Trading
30  Application of Capital in Practice
31  Portfolio Risk Management
32  Stick to Your Guns

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