Trade like a hunter and make a killing in stock markets

Trade like a hunter

 trade like a hunter
Trade like a hunter! Sometimes you can find inspiration from where you can never expect from.
There is a lot we can learn from some of the hunters – gatherers still thriving in the forests all around the globe. These people make their living off the jungle and they have no contact with the outside world. The Majority of the traders loves to trade alone. Traders follow their own unique style and every trader is different all over the world.
There are a number of animal species in their jungle, but they don’t waste their energy running around after each and everything they see, but they have a limited list of say 5 to 10 things on their menu and over the generations, they have perfected hunting into a kind science.Traders also cannot trade in each and every stock out there. Traders, understand and follow few stocks. They get used to volatility, the price action of those few stocks.

Most of the time Hunters wait for their prey. They analyze the surroundings and look for clues and set their traps and just wait for the right moments.
Why can’t we do the same? Instead of wasting our energy on a plethora of things, why not focus on a few and become better in those? Besides, there are two things which make our field more difficult. There are things to trade and there are things to invest. So for trading, a person may choose to say 1 or 2 things. Like the Nifty or say Reliance or State Bank. “Investing” is more difficult as we need to define our time horizon / the return expected, etc., but again that list should be limited to not more than say 20 stocks max. Patience is the key for any trader or investor. Be patient like a hunter.
Finally, Trade like a hunter and make a killing in the markets.

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