Why you’re not a Millionaire and how to practically become one!

Why you’re not a Millionaire and how to practically become one!

It seems to me that most people I meet really have no idea why they’re not wealthy. They blame luck, misfortune and a host of things that they simply couldn’t control. This right here is the number one reason why these people are not a millionaire! They blame things that they had no influence on instead of looking at the things they could control.

The cold hard truth is that most people would rather sit and watch TV or go out drinking then challenge themselves to make a living outside the “norm”. Let me clarify what the “norm” is here when I refer to the “norm” I am talking about a 9-5 job making an average livingbecome a millionaire and that’s the end of their way of making any income at all. Working for someone else, making their boss rich while they take home a “living” wage. Now even with this “living” wage, it is possible to become a millionaire through saving and investing, but for most people, they won’t become a millionaire dollar bankroll until they’re 65. This is just plain boring, better than nothing but boring!

You lack purposefulness in life, ever seen big business tycoons or millionaires on television sets. They seem so charged and full of purpose. They are always trying new businesses.

So below are the quickest and most practical ways of becoming a millionaire now!


  • Learn the stock market and reinvest wisely
  • Start your own business
  • Create a blog and market it aggressively
  • Invent a product and sell it
  • Go out there and do anything and everything until it works!


The most important part of becoming a millionaire is believing in yourself and removing “ I cannot,” and “if only” from your mindset. Remember, no one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself! Start Young!


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